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INFAMOUS is my only double romance AND my only Christmas romance (so far).

Here’s the blurb:

A mean girl reformed . . .

Once the reigning beauty of her social set, Celia-whom the newspapers dubbed Lady Infamous-has fallen on hard times and is practically destitute, her reputation in shreds. When Celia is forced to attend a society wedding as a companion to an elderly guest, she must confront the clique she once commanded; the gentleman she’d once hoped to marry-who is now wed to a girl Celia relentlessly taunted; and the powerful man who ruined her life a decade before-and is threatening to do so again . . .

A hero transformed . . .

Then there is Richard, the studious boy Celia used to ridicule, who is now gorgeous, wealthy, and more-than-a-little famous. As a youth, Richard was infatuated with Celia. He still seems intrigued, but Celia has acquired a shocking secret along with her hard-won humility. Will it put an end to the love blossoming between them? Does she have the courage to find out?