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A Second Chance for Love

Minerva Spencer

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Smart & Sexy Historical Romance

January Giveaway!


The winner of GIVEAWAY #1 a signed copy of Vanessa Kelly’s THREE WEEKS WITH A PRINCESS is Tiffany T.

The winner of GIVEAWAY #2  a cloth SCANDALOUS tote bag is, Cyndi B. 

The winner of a print copy of Shana Galen’s THE THIRD SON IS THE CHARM is Joanna C. 

Thanks to everyone who entered! I’ll have more giveaways in my next newsletter.

Happy reading!



To enter to win a copy of the incomparable Vanessa Kelly’s

Three Weeks With A Princess

(along with some really cool swag–all SIGNED by the author!!)

just leave a comment below telling me the name of your favorite movie of ALL TIME. 


Giveaway #2
To celebrate the cover reveal for SCANDALOUS (now on pre-order)
I’m giving away a custom tote bag!
All you have to do is answer the same question as in Giveaway #1 and you’ll be entered to win.

Giveaway #3

Yes!! I have MORE historical romance!
I’ve got a print copy of Shana Galen’s THE THIRD SON’S THE CHARM just waiting to wing its way to one lucky reader’s home!


Again, one entry is good for all three GIVEAWAYS!

*I’ll pick a winner by January 30th 2019.

84 Responses

  1. Jaws. I have this thing about sharks, love the ocean, but not fond of swimming in it 😉

    1. You are brave–THAT’S a movie I’d like to un-see. Along with Psycho, which I think of EVERY time I take a shower….

  2. I cant pick ONE movie, because I love a ton of them, but….Gosford Park and Goonies are movies I can watch any time.

    1. Wow! I have seen it–if you can call hiding my head under my arms and closing my eyes tightly for most of the movie actually SEEING it!

  3. Dirty Dancing Pretty Woman. I can’t go with just one, one for each Giveaway! Lady Hawk.
    Thank you for the wonderful Giveaways and a chance to win.

  4. Dirty Dancing l can’t pick just one! Pretty Woman One for each Giveaway! Lady Hawk
    Thank you for the chance to win your very generous Giveaway.

  5. Loving your newsletter!!! My all-time favorite movie is one that makes me laugh out loud every time I see it – The Replacements starring Keanu Reeves! Yes, it has romance, too!!

    1. I’ve not seen them (I should go and hide after admitting that). I keep wanting to read the books, first, but haven’t gotten around to it.

    1. I like the music from it, so I guess I should give it a shot–even though I’m not a musical kind of gal.

  6. Somewhere in Time/ Last of the Mohicans/ Braveheart ,are my personal favorites in the #1 position

  7. I don’t have a favourite film, it depends on my mood. However as Christmas has just gone I will say Love Actually as we watch it every year.

    1. This is probably my favorite romantic-comedy. Although I don’t watch many rom-coms, I do watch this almost every year.

  8. My favorite all time movie is the original Star Wars for the hope as the resistance fought the oppression of the Empire and there was sacrifice and loss for the greater good. I think the words May the Force Be With You just felt uplifting hope and a spirit of kinship.

    1. We just watched the original trilogy this past weekend. It was Mr. Spencer’s first time watching them!!! I watched them at drive in movie theaters, so I have a soft spot for them. Yes, they are not only hopeful, but from a more innocent time.

  9. It’s a toss up between Grease and Dirty Dancing, which is funny because I mainly watch horror, superhero, and action adventure movies these days. Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. I JUST watched Dirty Dancing this past year. I enjoyed it–especially the dancing, which is odd because I generally don’t like musicals. I’ve never seen Grease but remember when it came out and how scandalous it was–most of my friends’ parents wouldn’t let them go see it.

  10. I have many favourite movies that I watched at least once a year so it’s really hard to choose just one… Letters to Juliet is one of them 🙂

    1. Thanks, Nina! I’ve not heard of Letters to Juliet–looking forward to checking it out!

      1. Great movie! Love that Vanessa Redgrave and her real-life hubby Franco Nero star in it. definitely one to watch!

        1. Which movie is that–the Redgrave movie? For some reason questions and comments aren’t coming in linked.

  11. I’m going to go with an old movie – Father of the Bride.
    I love your books. Pleeeeease write faster. I can’t wait for the next book. It can’t come soon enough!

  12. Too many in all genres to name just one. The Sound of Music, Chicago, Mary Poppins, The Princess Bride, IronMan, The Avengers, The Ten Commandments, The Quiet Man, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Aliens, Empire Strikes Back, Gigi, Superman (Christopher Reeves), The Sandlot, 99% Disney animated…basically anything I can recite whole scenes and hum the musical score verbatim and that’s a LOT 😉 Thanks for the giveaways, Minerva!

  13. Happy New Year Minerva! There are so many! Pride and Prejudice 2005 with Matthew MacFayden and Keira Knightly. He is just such a great brooding Darcy and Notting Hill with Hugh Grant ( I love a lot of his movies)!