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Last Day to Enter Big-Bucket-O-Prizes Giveaway!

1 Day Left Before Big-Bucket-O-Prizes Giveaway

Hello all you wonderful historical romance readers! This is just a last reminder that I will be drawing a name tomorrow for the Big-Bucket-O-Prizes Giveaway.

I’ll notify the winner first and then post their FIRST name and state on the website once I’ve received their permission to do so.

There is no purchase necessary, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter. One entry will qualify you for all subsequent giveaways, so you’ll never have to worry about being left-out if you don’t hear about a giveaway.

If you have concerns about your inbox being bombarded, I should probably confess I haven’t actually sent out a newsletter yet…. So, I probably won’t be pestering you often.

And I’ll make this promise right now: If/when I send out a newsletter, it will always include either a giveaway, a snippet, or some other no-purchase-necessary goody.

A full list of prizes, along with photos, is on the Giveaways! page


Good luck and happy reading!!