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March 13, 2016: Day 3, redux.

As I sit down to write about yesterday I realize I can hardly recall it after today…

I do remember there was a footprint on the ceiling of the motel room where we stayed. Here it is, you have to look closely. No, closer. . .


Okay, so you have to look really hard.

Anyhow, yesterday was Lordsburg, NM to Safford, NM. This was a long day (72 miles in all) and it got much hotter than I expected. Did you know you can burn the inside of your ear? Yes, you can. And it hurts!

There were some hills but they were nothing like the first day (notice how I keep saying that? It’s true. After Emory Pass everything is hardly worth mentioning) and there was a lot of time to recuperate between climbs. The road was a bit rough in places and there were a lot of my country people driving huge motor homes with tow-cars.

Somebody needs to teach Canadians that cyclists are not something to aim for but something to avoid. Anyhow, this was the first day I had a few hair-raising moments, especially when the cut-aways in the rock did not leave much (read: any) shoulder. Naturally those were the times when a semi was coming toward me and a Canadian maniac from behind. But I survived.

Today was the day I left behind New Mexico and entered:


There is Snoopy relaxing on the state line while I do all the work. As usual.

Stopped to have lunch in the middle of nowhere. Did I mention it was hot?


Lots of relaxing downhill into Safford and along the way I passed this:


The guy at the bike shop (at least 15 years older than me) didn’t know about the George Jones song set in Clifton– Open Pit Mine. He seemed disturbed when I told him there was a woman called Rosie buried deep in the open pit mine. . .