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March 15, 2016: Day 5

Having lots of internet connectivity problems out here in the boondocks. As I’ve already lost one posting thanks to dropped connections I’ll have to play catch up tomorrow. . .


Day 5 began in Globe, AZ.

Map from Globe, Arizona to Tonto Basin, Arizona

To say that Tonto Basin is the back of beyond doesn’t really do it justice. Besides, there is Punkin Center, AZ, which is just a few miles further down the road, and it really deserves the title.

But I am getting ahead of myself. . .

We spent the night at some motel I no longer recall but I began my cycling day at The Copper Hen in downtown Globe. Guess who found this breakfast spot and then nagged a hole through her husband’s head until he agreed to eat there?

No, I didn’t actually eat there, myself, that was Brantly’s job. I can’t eat a full breakfast at 6:30 in the morning. But he can.

Anyhow, I did manage to take some time and check out all the fascinating chicken paraphernalia.

Like this:

2017-03-15 07.18.53

Guess what?

2017-03-15 07.18.26

Get it? Get it?!


Technically it is one chicken butt and one rooster butt.

Incidentally, I would be pleased to teach the “Guess what? Chicken butt!” routine to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, what have you, free of charge.

And here is a flock of chickens that have seized control of an empty coffee pot:

2017-03-15 07.17.45

And look at this!

2017-03-15 07.18.00

There is Snoopy waiting to begin the day while I fart around taking pictures of chickens.

Oh, while I was writing about this chicken-themed establishment I recalled yet another chicken-themed restaurant in Duncan, AZ. I didn’t actually see that one. Brantly ate lunch while Snoopy and I were out on the open road slaving away.

When he stopped to give me a little water and a crust of bread an hour or so later he said, “Hey, you should have seen this place I had lunch. There were chickens all over the place.”

“Did you take any pictures?” I asked.

“Pictures? Erm, no.”


“But I’m going back there to take some now. . . ”

So, here is a picture from Hilda’s in Duncan, AZ:


Yes, I know it’s upside down. I think it might be easier to just tilt your laptop than for me to figure out how to flip a picture. Well, easier for me.

Back to Globe.

The drive out of Globe was a bit hairy as the town is extremely hilly with intersections placed in inconvenient locations (at least for people whose feet are bolted to bicycle pedals).

So far this has been the most beautiful, pleasant day of the trip. Even though it was hot and the left side of my body continued to burn-no matter how much or how many different brands of sunblock I applied-the scenery was spectacular.

I absolutely love these Saguaro cacti so get ready to suffer through some pictures. . .


They look so huggable, don’t they?

And then there were these guys:


I mean, what the hell is going on here? I had to take several shots of this bizarre Cactus Cabal. Something about it reminded me of The Wicker Man (the 1973 version, naturally).


Doesn’t it seem like they’re looking at you? It was kind of eerie biking through thousands of them. Thankfully I didn’t see any other disturbing groupings like this one.

And then there were these guys:

Pssst! Psssst! Hey, come over here. Come closer . . . we won’t hurt you. . .


But these are just begging to be touched:


Aren’t they cute? So fluffy! So soft! So cuddly! These are actually called Teddy Bear Cacti.

And here is the only picture I have of me today, so I’m including it. That is my Maori cycling jersey. They didn’t sell it in pink.

It looks like I might be putting out a cigarette here. (Just kidding, Mom) I think I was actually doing The Hustle. (I hope that song is now firmly embedded in everyone’s brains.)


When I got to the top of hill there was this:


Believe it or not, I’d rather climb hills than descend them. I probably used up at least 3 year’s worth of poor Snoopy’s breaks going down this hill.

But when the black, acrid smoke from my burning breaks cleared there was this:


The Roosevelt Reservoir (or Lake Roosevelt)

This was a shocking sight in the middle of so much desert. You can’t tell from this shot, but it was already swarming with tourists. Why so early in the year? Because it’s Spring Break!

The ride along the lake was truly beautiful and relatively peaceful.


And on to Tonto Basin and a rustic night’s stay. . .