I’m so excited to announce this upcoming anthology!!

Coming January 28, 2020

#1 international bestselling author Sylvia Day, hailed as “one of the most successful romance writers in the world,” is joined by powerhouses Minerva Spencer and Kristin Vayden for a trio of sizzling historical romances that prove passion is timeless in…The Arrangement.

The Arrangement_comp rev.

Mischief and the Marquess by Sylvia Day
Justin, the Marquess of Fontaine, and Lady Sophie Milton-Riley, are completely ill-suited to one another. But they will have to prove it in order to end to their mothers’ insistence that they should marry. Yet the more they attempt to demonstrate how wrong their union would be, the more surprisingly, irresistibly right things feel . . .

The Duke’s Treasure by Minerva Spencer – First time in print!
Plain, prickly Josephine Loman has loved Beaumont Halliwell, the Fifth Duke of Wroxton, since the first time she saw him. But the most beautiful man she’s ever met had eyes only for Jo’s erstwhile friend, who betrayed Beau’s trust by marrying his brother. Beau hasn’t been home in years, but when his brother dies in an accident, he must marry to save the impoverished dukedom. And Jo is the overlooked heiress who will turn his world upside down . . .

The Inconvenient Countess by Kristin Vayden – First time in print!
As the eldest in a poverty-stricken family of daughters, Miss Diana Katherine Lambson’s only option is a marriage of convenience. Her only prospect is a rogue with a miserable reputation. Her only true desire: freedom. And that is exactly what Charles Brook, Earl of Barrington, is willing to offer, in return for the respectability their union will give him. He will even provide Diana with a contract. But does she dare entrust her future to a scoundrel? Does she dare not to?

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Check out this GORGEOUS review from Publishers Weekly!

SCANDALOUS by Minerva Spencer 

“A standout…Spencer’s brilliant and original tale of the high seas bursts with wonderfully real protagonists, plenty of action, and passionate romance.”- Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

 “Complex characters make this historical romance a standout. The illustrious privateer Capt. Martín Bouchard has loved many women, but none has enticed or frustrated him more than the missionary Sarah Fisher, whom he saves, along with hundreds of others, from a slave ship. No matter how infuriating he gets, Sarah remains intrigued with the surly captain, and she quickly becomes admired by his crew for her strong and noble spirit. When they discover that the captain of the slave ship is Dutch royalty, they agree with port authorities to take him to England to meet his fate. Sarah and Martín keep winding up in compromising positions, unable to tame their desire for each other. Martín wants to keep Sarah at a distance to protect the secrets of his painful past and true identity, but that doesn’t stop the forgiving woman from getting under his skin and arousing emotions he’s never experienced. Blackmail makes its way into the ballroom, but Martín is a formidable adversary backed by powerful, loyal friends. Spencer’s brilliant and original tale of the high seas bursts with wonderfully real protagonists, plenty of action, and passionate romance.” –  Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

September 2018: Booklist chose DANGEROUS as one of the Top 10 Romance Debuts of 2018

August 2018: Bookpage chose BARBAROUS as one of the 14 Most Anticipated Romances of Fall 2018

July 2018: DANGEROUS becomes a #1 Amazon Bestseller

February 2018: Awesome cover reveal for book #2, BARBAROUSThank you Kensington Books for such wonderful covers!!!

January 2018: Yay! Sold book #4, NOTORIOUS in The Outcasts series to Kensington Zebra! 

November 2017: Dangerous just received its first review on Goodreads and it was from none other than the wonderful ELIZABETH HOYT!!

September 2017: I just learned DANGEROUS will debut June 26, 2018!! Yay! And BARBAROUS in October 2018. 

March 2017: I was signed for a three-book deal with Kensington Publishing. The Outcast series is set in the Regency Era and features uncommon heroes and heroines in unusual situations.