Book Review: The Kiss Quotient

The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1)The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
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Yes, this is a review for adults. No kiddies allowed.

I’ve read a lot of reviews comparing Hoang’s debut to Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game (which I LOOOOOVED) Yes, both books are hilarious and peopled with characters you really care about, but I think The Kiss Quotient pulled ahead of The Hating Game on my list of favorite contemporary romances.

Why? Because I’ve never read a romance novel where the characters are so honest. Seriously, Stella’s reaction to Michael is so refreshingly REAL I just couldn’t get enough.

And Michael? He is nuclear meltdown HOT. And not just his body, he is also funny and hard-working and responsible and self-aware–yes, he is the freakin’ UNICORN of men!!!! But you believe in this unicorn because of Hoang’s deft development of his character. Mainly it is his family that makes you believe.

He has a PILE of sisters who keep him from getting conceited (these girls need their own book. HINT. No, I’m serious. I want a book about Janie. Now.) I love his family.

But back to Michael. Not only is he hot, he is also smart, sensitive, and he knows his way around women’s clothing (see, unicorn, right?) He is a decent, funny, witty (and did I mention HOT) guy who gets better and better the more you get to know him.

My favorite part of the book (other than the sex scenes, which are not only plentiful but SCORCHING) is the fact there are no “too-stupid-to-live” misunderstandings. These guys are about as honest with each other as you can get, which doesn’t mean they don’t both have their secrets, but the things they DO keep from each other you can understand.

This book is a mo*&%$#ing blockbuster. I can SO see it being made into a movie. Just two words about that: Daniel Henny.

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