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A Second Chance for Love
Writing as S.M. Laviolette
Smart & Sexy Historical Romance

Happy book birthday to SELINA!

Yes, the day has finally arrived… SELINA IS OUT IN THE WORLD! 

This is book 3 in THE BELLAMY SISTERS series, which is a 6 book series that follows the lives and loves of the five Bellamy sisters and, yes, their young brother. I decided to give Doddy a book because he keeps pushing his way into my thoughts while I write his sisters’ stories. 

Anyhow, if you want a tear-jerker, steamy, love story that has rich character development, this is a good one to grab and hole up for the weekend, LOL–if you can get away with that. 

Here is the cover, blurb, and link: 

As always, thanks so much to everyone who supports me on this wild and wacky writing journey!

Lady Selina Bellamy is much more than a pretty face. And it’s about time everyone realized it…

Being the sweet, biddable, pretty sister isn’t as easy as one might think. Selina knows this all too well.
Love? That was never a possibility for her. Not when she was expected to marry a wealthy man and save her entire family from financial ruin.

But then Selina’s shy, reclusive sister married a duke and relieved Selina of her only responsibility in life. Now, she’s free to do whatever she wants.

Unfortunately, she has absolutely no idea what to do next.

Perhaps it’s time she found something…meaningful to do with her time.

Something… important.

Whether or not that something includes her new job for a reclusive marquess, or a happily ever after with one of the suitors she left behind in London remains to be seen.

All Selina knows for sure, is that for the first time in her entire life, she’s the mistress of her own destiny.

And she’s going to enjoy every minute of it…

This sensual, steamy love story will give you all the feels and melt your Kindle along with your heart.
Happily ever after guaranteed!

SELINA is the wickedly witty and sensually steamy third book of a five-book series. Each story in THE BELLAMY SISTERS stands alone.