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March 17, 2017, Day 7: Phoenix: An Irish City

Today was a day of rest. Kind of.

We had two nights in the Phoenix area and stayed our first night in Chandler, AZ, a destination chosen in a less than lucid moment after a day of 90+ heat.

Anyhow, we needed to get across Phoenix to the Glendale, AZ area where I would begin cycling on March 18th. My plan was to begin at the intersection of HWY 51 and Glendale Avenue and take the Arizona Canal Trail out of town.

Naturally we had to hit a few Nordstrom’s, a couple stamp shops, an ice cream store, and a Trader Joe’s on the way.

I did manage to liberate a hat and a pair of shoes from a Nordstrom’s during the course of the day.

An early check-in at our newest motel and an early night to bed in prep for tomorrow. . .