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Bead mania!

What have I been doing when I’m not writing? I’ve become obsessed with beads…

I thought I’d share my first jewelry projects. These are both bracelets that I fell in love with when I saw the patterns. As usual, I gave no thought to difficulty, I just dived in.

Here is a picture to give you some idea of the bead sizes I’m working with:

As you can see, these guys are tiny! They are size 11 and size 15 seed beads. Yes, they are two different sizes, even though they look very similar. The gold one is actually the smaller bead.

Anyhow, here is the first project I did, which also has half-tila beads. You can also see the difference between the 15s and 11s in this:

The half-tilas look like metal, but they are actually glass like the other beads.

Once I finished this one, I thought I’d try what is called peyote beading (no, that doesn’t mean what you think it means…) This next project is beaded with the double drop peyote method. It is titled Geodes and I got the pattern HERE if you are interest.

And here is a close up

I made 2 mistakes in the pattern early on, but I left them because my husband couldn’t see them and also because I didn’t want to take out 6 rows of beads to get to them!

Anyhow, I’m finding beading theraputic if addictive. Any other beaders out there?