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Coming out May 18, 2023, a brand new series…

The Hale family is coming to London, and the ton has never seen anything like it…

Meet the Hales, a wild, wealthy, and witty family of loveable misfits who are about to take London by storm. If you loved Mary Balogh’s Bedwins, Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons, or Loretta Chase’s Carsingtons, you’ll adore the Hales!

Victoria Dryden gave Balthazar Hale the last thing he ever expected. A reason to stay…

Balthazar and his siblings are living the good life in the utopian community of Oneida, New York, where they have a degree of sexual and intellectual freedom few men—and even fewer women—have ever known.

But sadly, all good things must come to an end.

When their father dies, the Hale siblings discover two disheartening truths. First, they have an older brother none of them knew existed. Second, this stranger is not only the heir to an English dukedom, he’s also their new legal guardian.

Before the Hales know it, all five siblings are dragged to England to take their places in strait-laced, stuffy ton society, where their guardian expects them to make respectable marriages.

All Balthazar wants is a way out.

Until he meets her.

Victoria is a woman with dangerous secrets. She’s the exact opposite of marriage material.

Falling for her could ruin both their lives.

But none of that matters when she’s in Balthazar’s arms…and his bed.

Finding their way to happily ever after would be so easy in Oneida.

Too bad they aren’t in utopia anymore…

This sexy Victorian historical romance features enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, opposites attract, and enough steam to melt your Kindle!

THE SPARE is the first in a sensual, adventurous, and loveable 6-book series that features all the Hale siblings.




Meet the Bellamy sisters, five young women who will do anything to save their siblings and keep the wolf from the door.

Lady Hyacinth Bellamy’s plans were flawless. Until fate dealt her a hand she never saw coming…

Romance isn’t for the plain, shy, and awkward—a painful truth that Hyacinth knows better than anyone. But Hy refuses to let anything or anyone stop her from living life on her own terms. Independence—and the opportunity to secure her family’s future—is finally within her grasp. But then Hy crosses paths with a meddling duke and everything changes…

Sylvester Derrick, Duke of Chatham, is bored. Even gaming and debauchery have lost their appeal. And he’s fed up with women who can’t see that he’s more than a title, a collection of scars, and unusual…appetites. Then he spots a young card sharp who is anything but boring. Clearly, Hy is the person who can make Sylvester feel something again…

It’s not long before Hy and Sylvester realize they have more in common—in and out of the bedroom—than they ever thought possible. But is happily ever after in the cards for a man who has been broken by love and a woman who doubts its very existence?

This sensual, steamy love story will give you all the feels and melt your Ereader along with your heart.
Happily ever after guaranteed!

HYACINTH is the wickedly witty and sensually steamy second book of a five-book series. Each story in THE BELLAMY SISTERS stands alone.



Their mercenary marriage of convenience was perfect…until love got in the way…

Mary Barnett didn’t dream of marriage and family. Scarred and wary, she’s done everything she can to avoid men. Operating her family’s vast business would be her future. She had no way of knowing her father would place conditions on her inheritance. Namely, she gets half the business when she marries, and half when she produces an heir…

The last time his family tried to force Miles Ingram to marry for money, he rebelled and went off to war. His subsequent employment as a dancing instructor might have been enough to sustain him—but when his brother dies, saddling him a destitute earldom, Miles can no longer hide from his obligations. He’ll need to marry, and fast

They’re complete opposites, but their goals are perfectly aligned. And it’s not long before they realize their hearts aren’t as far apart as they initially thought. Miles and Mary know their dance with love can only end in happily ever after, or heartbreak. But which will it be?

This beauty and the beast story will give you all the feels! HEA guaranteed.

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Inspired by the real-life Boxing Baroness, acclaimed author Minerva Spencer sparkles with this brilliantly imagined story of her romance with an infuriating duke in the first of a witty, Regency-set, feminist series exploring the role of women in a rigidly patriarchal society. A new generation of readers and Bridgerton fans will delight in the rapier sharp wit, sexual fireworks, and thought-provoking entertainment of The Boxing Baroness.

   Magnetic and educated, Marianne Simpson has the manner of a lady and the looks of a lover, not a fighter. Neither of which explains her occupation as a boxer in her uncle’s circus, Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre. Nonetheless, when St. John Powell, the exquisitely handsome Duke of Staunton, begins turning up at her shows, she finds herself dangerously distracted by the powerful peer’s mysterious presence. With her safety at stake, Marianne’s days in the ring are numbered. But how long can she fight her attraction to the man the ton calls Lord Flawless?
       St. John Powell doesn’t just want Marianne Simpson, he needs her … to rescue his brother, who is being held for ransom by a treasonous English baron—the man all of Britain knows as the Rake of Rakes. 
            No matter how little Marianne wants to see her duplicitous ex-lover, the man responsible for the humiliating nickname the Boxing Baroness, St. John must convince her. Even if it means climbing into the ring with the beautiful boxer and taking everything she’s got . . .

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 PHOEBE … A wickedly witty age-gap romance!

Meet the Bellamy sisters, five young women who will do anything to save their siblings and keep the wolf from the door.

PHOEBE book 1 in THE BELLAMY SISTERS is a sensual, sexy, and heartwarming love story about the girl next door and the powerful, wealthy stranger who changes her world forever.

Lady Phoebe Bellamy will do anything to save her family estate—even marry the devil himself…

The Bellamy family has only four months before they’ll lose the very roof over their heads. While Phoebe’s older sisters venture out into the world to earn the necessary funds, Phoebe herself—plain, levelheaded, and responsible—stays home to care for her younger siblings and parents. But then she meets Viscount Needham, a fabulously wealthy, brand new peer, and everything changes.

When Phoebe learns that her father is determined to marry one of his daughters to Needham, she knows it’s time to act. She certainly can’t imagine saddling any of her beloved sisters with the brutally handsome upstart. So, she does the unthinkable and proposes to Viscount Needham herself…

Paul Needham attended the best schools, belongs to all the proper clubs, and can buy and sell half the House of Lords and still have money to spare. And yet the ton still treats him with disdain. Marrying one of their own is the fastest way to legitimize his place in society. But that doesn’t mean that he has to like his bride. He certainly won’t ever love her. Their marriage will be nothing but a mutually beneficial business arrangement.

Except it doesn’t feel like a simple transaction when Phoebe is in his arms…

They are complete opposites with nothing in common. Class differences and prejudices divide them. Is love enough to bridge their two worlds—or are they destined for heartbreak?

PHOEBE is the wickedly witty and sensually steamy first book of a five-book series. Each story in THE BELLAMY SISTERS stands alone.

Book 3 in THE MASQUERADERS series!

His was a face that women carried with them into their nightmares, not their fantasies…

John Fielding is not a gentleman. His brutal past has left him scarred, mind and body. But the scars are a valuable reminder of what’s truly important.


And John will have his vengeance on the man who abandoned him when he was just a child. In fact, he’ll make the entire bloodline pay for the sins of his father. No one can stop him.

Except maybe Cordelia.

She’s everything John is not—kind and generous and loving. A good person. She deserves so much better than living in the shadow of her cruel sister.

And she certainly deserves better than a beast like him.

But that doesn’t stop John from wanting her.

Cordelia shines a light into the darkest corners of his soul, making him question what he’s been living for all these years. Now, he’s only sure of one thing.

Her love could save him…but only if his quest for revenge doesn’t destroy them both first.

The print version is now available, the ebook will be out 3/9/2022.

Book 4 in The Academy of Love series,


Book 4 in THE ACADEMY OF LOVE Series!

She’s not who he thought she was. But he’s not who he’s pretending to be, either…

Annis Bowman lost everything when she trusted the wrong man. Now, she needs money, and she needs it fast. Finding a wealthy husband is her only viable option. It’s just her wretched misfortune that the only man who truly interests her is poor as a church mouse.

Henry Singleton, the new Earl of Rotherhithe, is ready for desperate measures. He’s tired of not knowing if women are interested in him—or his wealth. Switching identities with one of his employees is the perfect solution. So, imagine his disappointment when the lovely Annis turns out to be a heartless fortune hunter…

When a series of unfortunate events—and a huge coincidence—trap them in a marriage neither expected, can Annis and Henry overcome the misunderstandings, lies, and suspicion that stand between them? Or is their chance for a happily ever after doomed from the start?

You can order a copy  below…



A mean girl reformed . . .
Once the reigning beauty of her social set, Celia—whom the newspapers dubbed Lady Infamous—has fallen on hard times and is practically destitute, her reputation in shreds. When Celia is forced to attend a society wedding as a companion to an elderly guest, she must confront the clique she once commanded; the gentleman she’d once hoped to marry—who is now wed to a girl Celia relentlessly taunted; and the powerful man who ruined her life a decade before—and is threatening to do so again. . . .
A hero transformed . . .
Then there is Richard, the studious boy Celia used to ridicule, who is now gorgeous, wealthy, and more-than-a-little famous. As a youth, Richard was infatuated with Celia. He still seems intrigued, but Celia has acquired a shocking secret along with her hard-won humility. Will it put an end to the love blossoming between them? Does she have the courage to find out?

OUTRAGEOUS: Book 2 in The Rebels of the Ton series

From handsome hostage . . .

When Eva de Courtney kidnaps Godric Fleming, her only plan is to stop the irritating earl from persecuting her beloved brother. But once she has the intriguing rogue in the confines of her carriage, she longs to taste the passion she senses simmering beneath his rugged exterior. Her forbidden plan is foiled, however, when Godric turns the tables, taking her hostage instead—and demanding they marry at once . . .

To unexpected suitor . . .

The last thing Godric wants to do is make the fiery, impulsive Eva his wife, despite her delectable mouth and alluring innocence. He knows from experience that nothing is forever, not even love. But honor demands he do right by the lady, no matter how stubbornly Eva tries to hold on to her independence. And while the road to the Scottish border is beset with danger, Godric’s greatest challenge is to keep his hands—and his heart—from his captivating bride-to-be . . .

Book III in The Seducers:

Hugo and The Maiden

He thought he had it all—until she showed him exactly what he’d been missing…

Hugo Buckingham was perfectly happy with the life he’d built for himself. With his steady clientele and co-ownership stake in the most exclusive brothel in London, he had everything he needed.

But that was before.

Before he was falsely convicted of a crime and tossed onto a ship to New South Wales.

Before the ship went down and stranded him on the tiny island of Stroma.

                             Before her.

Miss Martha Pringle is everything he’s not—virginal, kind, and sweet. A good person. She deserves so much better than the likes of him. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting her, needing her, with an urgency that borders on terrifying.

Now, Hugo has a choice to make. Should he go home, clear his name, and return to his old life—or stay with Martha and build a new one?

But more importantly…will Martha even want him once she discovers what kind of man he really is?

Hugo and the Maiden, book 3 in THE SEDUCERS series, is a sexy, angsty, historical romance featuring a hero who doesn’t believe in true love and the innocent heroine who proves him wrong . Happily ever after guaranteed.

Book II in The Masqueraders:

The Postilion

Duchess Benedicta de Montfort stands to inherit a fortune … if her guardian doesn’t kill her first.

The only way to avoid whatever the unscrupulous man has planned is to hide until Benna comes of age. With the help of a faithful family retainer, Benna becomes Ben Piddock, a postilion seeking employment. Benna knows horses and she’s been mistaken for a tall, skinny boy all her life—so how hard can it be? Very hard, it turns out—especially when she falls in love with her devastatingly handsome employer, Jago Crewe, the new Earl of Trebolton.

Jago was working as a country doctor when he inherited his family’s earldom in Cornwall.

Along with the unwanted title is a bankrupt estate that’s a royal mess and a raft of needy, impoverished relatives. One of the few bright spots is his new employee, Ben Piddock, a clever, dedicated, and unexpectedly witty lad–who is no lad, at all! Jago is amazed that Benna manages to hide her delicate beauty from the world while working twice as hard as any man. But as much as he admires and wants her, there’s no way he can pursue a romance with his servant—no matter how bewitching. Yet beyond all reason, and despite his best intentions, he can’t seem to stay away.

It’s clear they were never meant to be together, and yet none of that matters when they’re in each other’s arms. Is there even a possibility of a happily ever after—or will the caprices of fate conspire to keep the two lovers apart?

Book III in the smart and sexy historical romance series

The Academy of Love Series: A Portrait of Love

Honoria Keyes isn’t the gawky, impressionable fifteen-year-old girl she was when she first met Simon Fairchild.  Twelve years have passed, and she’s a successful artist, enjoying her independence to the fullest. Simon has changed, too. Gone is the beautiful, gentle boy of Honoria’s dreams. In his place is a dangerous, damaged man intent on avoiding human contact—and emotions. It would be unthinkable to fall for this difficult, wounded recluse. But then again, Honoria has never been one to do things the easy way …

Simon returned from Waterloo a bitter, broken shell of the man he once was. As if his scarred body and mind aren’t bad enough, he’s also financially dependent on his brother, the duke, while he convalesces. The duke’s fondest wish is for Simon to marry and produce an heir—something Simon has no intention of doing. The one thing he never anticipated? All the unwanted feelings the lovely, talented, and infinitely intriguing Honoria would awaken in him …

Can Honoria and Simon heal the wounds of the past and build a life together? Or will their attempt at happily ever after end up a portrait of failure?

Click HERE to check out the first two books in THE ACADEMY OF LOVE …


Print cover of NOTORIOUS

A PopSugar Best New Romance of November
A She Reads Fall Historical Romance Pick
A Bookclubz Recommended Read

“Unique characters and emotional depth…a winner. Spencer gives you all the feels!”
—Sabrina Jeffries

“Brilliantly crafted…an irresistible cocktail of smart characterization, sophisticated sensuality, and sharp wit.”

“Sparkling…impossible not to love.”

Fans of Evie Dunmore, Sarah MacLean, and Eloisa James will delight in this innovative, empowering, and sexy story from acclaimed author Minerva Spencer. Join the Rebels of the Ton as they subvert Regency norms and expectations…and manage to find true love along the way.

The cure for a willful wife . . .
Drusilla Clare is full of opinions about why a woman shouldn’t marry. But that doesn’t stop the rush of desire she feels each time her best friend’s brother, notorious rake Gabriel Marlington, crosses her path. So imagine her dismay when she finds herself in the clutches of a scoundrel, only to be rescued by Gabriel himself.  And when Gabriel’s heartless—and heart-pounding—proposal comes, it’s enough to make Dru’s formidable resolve crumble . . .
. . . is a smitten husband.
She’s sharp-tongued, exasperating—and due to one careless moment—about to become his wife. Still, something about Drusilla has Gabriel intrigued. First there’s the delicious flush of her skin every time she delivers a barb—and then the surprisingly sensual feel of her in his arms. Gabriel even finds himself challenged by her unusual philosophies. And when he discovers a clandestine rival for Dru’s affection, his temperature flares even hotter. But the real threat to their happiness is one neither of the newlyweds sees coming. If they’re to save their future—and their very lives—they’ll need to trust in each other and their growing love.
“Packed full of fiery exchanges and passionate embraces, this is for those who prefer their Regencies on the scandalous side.”
Library Journal

“Strong, complex, and believable.”

Publishers Weekly

Joss & The Countess

After two loveless marriages to older men, widowed countess Alicia Selwood is more than ready to find a competent lover. But her late night…adventures will require her to take on a bodyguard with a proven track record of professionalism and discretion. Joss Gormley is perfect for the job. Imagine her surprise when she discovers Joss’s other qualifications—qualifications that might make him the ideal man to satisfy ALL her needs…

Joss never intended to be anything but Lady Selwood’s faithful servant. But the more time he spends with the delectable countess, the more he longs to love and possess her. He’s not good enough for her by far, and he knows she’ll use him and discard him. But none of those worries can stop Joss from serving her by day…and dominating her by night.

When a ghost from Alicia’s past emerges, threatening all she holds dear, she’s forced to choose between the only family she has left, and the man who has come to mean everything to her. Can Joss and Alicia stand together and fight for their happily-ever-after—no matter how taboo? Or will society’s pressures and expectations tear the two lovers apart?

The stories in THE SEDUCERS series stand alone and can be read in any order.

Abuse, infidelity, incest, power exchange.

Melissa and the Vicar

Melissa Griffin is quite literally sick and tired. She’s the owner of one of London’s most exclusive brothels, but her failing health is telling her she can’t continue to keep working at her current pace. A relaxing stay in the country is exactly what she needs. Falling for the small town’s gorgeous young vicar—a virgin, no less—was never part of her plan. Their love is scandalous, forbidden…and everything Melissa never knew she wanted. Denying her feelings is unthinkable. Avoiding devastation when her past inevitably drives them apart? Impossible.

Magnus Stanwyck never resented his vow of celibacy…until meeting Melissa. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, the mysterious woman captures his heart in a way he never could’ve anticipated. No matter what stands between them, no matter the cost, he’ll do whatever it takes to possess her—heart, body, and soul.

By day, they’re opposites who were never supposed to be together. By night, their passion threatens to overtake them. When all is said and done, can Melissa and Magnus overcome the obstacles (and enemies) that stand between them? Or will fate deny them their happily ever after?

The Footman: Book 1 in The Masqueraders

The_Footman_S_M_Laviolette_EbookLady Elinor wants nothing to do with love. Her arranged marriage—and one glorious but ill-fated kiss with a handsome footman—cured her of any romantic notions she’d ever entertained. Now a widow, all Elinor plans to do is rebuild her life—without a man in it. She certainly has no intention of falling for the charming and entirely too tempting American who seems so determined to win her favor …

Stephen Worth is no longer the impoverished footman who lost everything because of the impulsive actions of a reckless young lady. Having reinvented himself long ago, his sole focus now is revenge. He’ll do whatever it takes to exact a pound of flesh from all who wronged him so long ago. And if that means ruining the lovely Elinor in the process? So be it.

But it’s not long before Elinor finds herself drawn to Stephen despite her best intentions—and before Stephen starts to wonder if maybe a life with Elinor is worth more than his revenge. Can Stephen and Elinor overcome their painful pasts and take a second chance on love? Or is the cost of trust simply more than they’re willing to pay?



Book I in The Academy of Love Series: The Music of Love

Finding out that her husband was a bigamist didn’t devastate Portia Stefani; she held her head high when she forced him out of her life. But losing her beloved music school as a result of the traitorous bastard’s gambling debts almost destroyed her. The only way she’ll be able to make ends meet is to accept a lucrative tutoring position in remote Cornwall. What Portia hasn’t anticipated is the life-altering impact that her mesmerizing new employer has on her.

Stacy Harrington learned the hard way to keep people at a distance. Playing the piano is the only thing that makes his solitary life enjoyable these days, and he’ll be damned if he allows his albinism to keep him from everything he loves. Bringing a private music tutor into his home is disruptive, but it’s the only solution. Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared him for the overwhelming attraction he feels toward his fiery new employee.

It’s not long before a shared passion for music develops into something infinitely deeper. But when ghosts from the past—along with some very dark secrets—emerge to threaten everything they’ve built, can Stacy and Portia continue to make beautiful music together? Or will their happily ever after end on a painful, discordant note?  

THE MUSIC OF LOVE is available exclusively on Amazon in Ebook format, but you can buy print copies wherever print books are sold. I am an Amazon Affiliate so I earn money if you use the links on this website.

The link below is for Amazon. THE MUSIC OF LOVE is also in the Kindle Unlimited program.

Book II in The Academy of Love Series: A Figure of Love

Book 2 in my sexy historical romance series THE ACADEMY OF LOVE

Gareth Lockheart is one of the richest men in England, but it will take more than money for the reclusive eccentric to gain entrée into the corridors of power; it will also take a proper country estate and an aristocratic wife with impeccable connections. Gareth is determined to find the right woman the same way he does everything in his life: using logic and mathematics.

Serena Lombard might be the widow of a duke’s son, but she’s always existed on the ton’s fringes. The unconventional French émigré has worked hard to create a secure home for her son and has struggled to establish herself as a respected sculptor and landscape gardener.

Gareth should have known doing business with a woman would be a mistake, especially an unorthodox, opinionated, and far too appealing French widow who manages to destroy his iron-clad ability to concentrate without even trying.

Serena loves the project the wealthy industrialist has hired her to do; it’s too bad the man himself is so remote and unreadable. Not to mention distracting, gorgeous, and utterly captivating.

The only thing the two opposites can agree on is that they should avoid becoming entangled with one another—no matter how difficult that proves to be. But when Serena’s dangerous past catches up with her, it is Gareth she turns to for help and he doesn’t hesitate to give it. But can a man who needs order like other men need air give himself up to the most unpredictable emotion of all: Love?

THE MUSIC OF LOVE is available exclusively on Amazon in Ebook format, but you can buy print copies wherever print books are sold.

#1 international bestselling author Sylvia Day, hailed as “one of the most successful romance writers in the world,” is joined by powerhouses Minerva Spencer and Kristin Vayden for a trio of sizzling historical romances that prove passion is timeless in…The Arrangement.

My anthology with Sylvia Day! The Duke’s Treasure by Minerva Spencer – First time in print!
Plain, prickly Josephine Loman has loved Beaumont Halliwell, the Fifth Duke of Wroxton, since the first time she saw him. But the most beautiful man she’s ever met had eyes only for Jo’s erstwhile friend, who betrayed Beau’s trust by marrying his brother. Beau hasn’t been home in years, but when his brother dies in an accident, he must marry to save the impoverished dukedom. And Jo is the overlooked heiress who will turn his world upside down . . .

Minerva’s smart and sexy novella will blow you away!

Looking for a smart and sexy historical romance novella? 


A Second Chance for Love

     Justin Taylor hasn’t seen Oona Parker for a decade, but he’s never forgotten her. How could he ever forgive or forget the woman who ruined his life? Surely the gods of vengeance have placed her in his path for a reason?

            Oona can hardly reconcile the wealthy, successful businessman standing before her with the handsome but poor young groom she once knew. Juss Taylor might look different, but he still exerts the same dangerous pull over her thoughts and body as he ever did.

            When Oona loses her job it’s Juss who steps in and offers her a position that will last only seven days but pay enough to support Oona and her young daughter for years. All she has to do is accompany Juss to a house party and pretend to be his mistress.

It all sounds so simple.

So why does Oona believe feel there’s more to Juss’s offer than what she can see on the surface?

The nifty buttons right below the cover allow you to read the first FOUR chapters of this smart and sexy historical romance!

“Have you no decency?”
Straight-laced missionary Sarah Fisher has never met a man like Captain Martin Bouchard. He is the most beautiful person—male or female—she’s ever seen. Overwhelmingly masculine, elegantly attired despite months at sea, he is in complete command of everyone and everything around him: everyone, that is, except Sarah. But that’s about to change because Sarah has bought Bouchard’s mercy with the only thing she has to sell: her body.
“None at all . . .”
In spite of her outrageous offer, Martin has no doubt Sarah is a virgin, and a most delectable one at that. But instead of bedding her, he finds himself staring down the muzzle of his own pistol. Clearly, the longer she stays on his ship, the greater the chances that she’ll end up its damned captain! Most infuriating of all, she looks past his perfect exterior to the wounded man inside. Can Martin outrun his scandalous past in time to have a future with the first woman to find and capture his heart?

This smart and sexy historical romance novel garnered THREE STARRED reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly!

The nifty buttons right below the cover allow you to read the first FOUR chapters of this smart and sexy historical romance!

This link leads to smart and sexy historical romance

He could be her ruin

Hugh Redvers is supposed to be dead. So the appearance of the sun-bronzed giant with the piratical black eye patch is deeply disturbing to Lady Daphne Davenport. And her instant attraction to the notorious privateer is not only wildly inappropriate for a proper widow but potentially disastrous.Because he is also the man Daphne has secretly cheated of title, lands, and fortune.

She could be his salvation

Daphne Redvers’ distant, untouchable beauty and eminently touchable body are hard enough to resist. But the prim, almost severe, way she looks at him suggests this might be the one woman who can make him forget all the others.  His only challenge? Unearthing the enemy who threatens her life . . . and uncovering the secrets in her cool blue eyes.

The nifty buttons right below the cover allow you to read the first FOUR chapters!

Follow this link for smart and sexy romance! Follow this link for smart and sexy romance!

 What sort of lady doesn’t make her debut until the age of thirty-two? A timeless beauty with a mysterious past—and a future she intends to take into her own hands . . .

Lady Euphemia Marlington hasn’t been free in seventeen years—not since she was captured by Corsairs and sold into a harem. Now the sultan is dead and Mia is back in London facing relentless newspapermen, an insatiably curious public, and her first Season. Worst of all is her ashamed father’s ultimatum: marry a man of his choosing or live out her life in seclusion. No doubt her potential groom is a demented octogenarian. Fortunately, Mia is no longer a girl, but a clever woman with a secret—and a plan of her

 own . . .

Adam de Courtney’s first two wives died under mysterious circumstances. Now there isn’t a peer in England willing to let his daughter marry the dangerously handsome man the ton calls The Murderous Marquess. Nobody except Mia’s father, the desperate Duke of Carlisle. Clearly Mia must resemble an aging matron, or worse. However, in need of an heir, Adam will use the arrangement to his advantage . . .

But when the two outcasts finally meet, assumptions will be replaced by surprises, deceit by desire—and a meeting of minds between two schemers may lead to a meeting of hearts—if the secrets of their pasts don’t tear them apart . . .

Are you hungry for some TABOO smart and sexy historical romance?

Check out my historical erotic romance series, VICTORIAN DECADENCE!

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  1. I just wanted to say I just finished the audio book Scandalous. Love, loved it. I want to stop listening towards the end because I thought I knew what was going to happen. Thank you for such a great book. I will continue to listen to more of your stories. Durell Heath

    • Hi Kristi,
      Unfortunately my publisher doesn’t have any more books planned for the series. I’m thinking about doing a novella featuring some of the characters, I’m not sure whose story yet …

    • Hi Kristi: As a m atter of fact, yes! Antonia’s story (Richard and Lucien’s little sister) will have her story told in my upcoming novella, AUDACIOUS! This comes out November 2022 in the DUKE IN A BOX anthology if you’d like to read about Toni’s HEA. Thanks for reaching out and happy reading!

  2. Hi Minerva,
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    Hope to hear from you soon,
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      I don’t know why my answer isn’t showing up for some of the questions on my website, so I’ll go ahead and post my response again, just to make sure. Yes, all m y books come out in print but some of them take a bit longer to get out. As of right now the first 4 books are all in print. THEIR MASTER, which is book 5, won’t be available in print until the publication date. Hope that answers your question and thanks for your support!

    • Hi Sue:

      I think I responded to you by email, but I’ll post this for all my readers to see. Exley’s story is DANGEROUS, the first book in the 6 book series, which was split into 2 series by my publisher. Happy reading!

    • Hi Kay:

      I hope to have his story out some day, I’m just not sure when! Thank you for supporting my writing!

  3. From the Rebels of the Ton series – whatever happened to Melissa’s story? Eva de Courtney’s younger sister? Will it not be forthcoming then? I thought for sure Lord Tommy Byer would factor in there somehow…..

    • Hi Mallory:

      Yes, there has been quite a bit of interest in Melissa and Tommy. Nothing in the works yet, but I am just about to publish a novella for another REBELS side character–Antonia Redvers–so I’m working my way through the characters and hopefully they will all get stories at some point. Thank you so much for your support!

    • Hi Linda:

      Wow! It must be Declan week!! I received 2 other messages from readers asking for Declan’s story. I promise I will get it out into the world, I’m just not sure when that will be. But I LOVE knowing what characters people want to read about, so thanks a ton for reaching out!

    • Hi Karen:

      YES! Freddie gets her own story and it will be book 7 in the series. You’ll never GUESS who she falls in love with….

      • Omg I have come on to find this and now I cant wait to find out. Any idea how long we will have to wait? I have read all this series in the last week and have am just on Miles

        • Hi! Thanks so much for vising my website! I can’t tell which series you are commenting on–but I’m thinking maybe THE ACADEMY OF LOVE? If so, then the last 2 books are coming out one December 2023 and one in December 2024, unless I get my act together and somehow get the 7th one (Freddie’s book) out sooner, but I think it’s a safe bet to say it will be out in 2024. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series!

  4. I just discovered your books last night and realized when we met Gabriel’s parents that I wanted to know more about them first, and was overjoyed to see that they had a story! I’m now reading Dangerous and the subsequent titles in that series first and am HOOKED.

    I was wondering if you have a chart or list anywhere that shows which series are connected to each other? “Family tree” breakdowns of various series have previously helped me to figure out what order I want to read things in, and also to keep track of characters, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

    Thank you for such wonderful writing! I have a feeling your titles are going to comprise my next month’s reading.

    • Hi Sierra:

      Wow!! Thanks so much for your message! I love that you’ve discovered my books. I did actually write a post entitled: “Reading order” and here is that link (I hope pasting this link will actually work, fingers crossed!): reading order

      I also love that I will be your December reading! Yay!

      The story that isn’t listed in my Reading Order post is called AUDACIOUS and it is included in the anthology, DUKE IN A BOX, which is currently available (until the end of December). That novella is about Antonia, whom you will meet in SCANDALOUS and again in INFAMOUS. So, just a heads up, there.

      If my link insertion doesn’t work, here is a proper link to just copy and paste:

      Thanks so much for reaching out! I hope the rest of 2022 treats you well!

  5. Minerva,
    I believe that Declan’s book is one of the most anticipated. I’m looking forward to him finally being happy. I hope it’s soon <3

    • I do have his story started, but I don’t have a pub date. I agree that he’s a fun character and I look forward to giving him his time in the spotlight!

  6. I have had the pleasure of reading and enjoying every single one of your books that I can find. Thank you so much for sharing these stories! You are my favorite author. I am not so secretly hoping that we get a back story for Aunt Letitia in Barbarous (The Outcasts Book 2). I just love her!

    • Hi Kerline:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! I love that you are working your way through my books. Hugh’s aunt gets some off page time in the book INFAMOUS, where her past is discussed by several of the characters. She was a lot of fun to write. Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out. Happy reading!

  7. I am so glad that I found your books! I absolutely loved the victorian decadence series. After reading the series, I went back and reread two of the books! I also absolutely loved Hyacinth and the Footman, and reread both immediately upon finishing them! I just wanted to say thank you. As much as I love the smut (and I do love it), your stories and characters are so engaging, and keep me turning pages well into the night.

    • Hi Julia:
      Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you like my books enough to re-read them, that is awesome!! I, too, enjoy a bit of smut with my stories, LOL, so I will continue to keep my books nice and steamy. Thanks so much for reaching out, it makes my day to get messages like this. Have a great summer!

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