Yay! Yay! Not one, but THREE delightful reviews!

This has been a wonderful month for reviews! I don’t think I’ve ever received 3 trade reviews in one month before. I am SO thrilled and grateful for all of them. Have a look below…




Gaius Darlington, Marquess of Carlisle, is used to women wanting to kiss him, but Cecile
Tremblay is the first woman who says she wants to take a shot at him. Granted, taking aim with a gun at Gaius is part of Cecile’s act as a markswoman for Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre, but Gaius (who is working incognito in the circus as Guy Darling) still can’t figure out why Cecile is the one woman who seems immune to his legendary charm. Given her secret craving for reading London’s gossip columns, Cecile knows exactly who Gaius really is. What’s more, Cecile knows getting involved with someone who is fated to wed an heiress is asking for trouble. So why, after just one kiss, does Cecile wonder what a future with Gaius—in which she takes only verbal shots at him—might be like? With the second inventively populated and ingeniously plotted addition to her Wicked Women of Whitechapel series, following The Boxing Baroness (2022), Spencer scores a direct bull’s-eye with another carefully calibrated mix of steamy passion, delectably dry humor, and daringly original characters.
— John Charles

Another delightful review for


Publishers Weekly

Spencer’s alluring second Wicked Women of Whitechapel novel (after The Boxing Baroness) stars Cecile Tremblay, one of four owners of Regency England’s first all-women circus, Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre, who also performs as a crack shot in one of the circus’s most popular acts. When Cecile’s former lover Guy Darlington shows up at her circus pleading for a job as Cecile’s assistant/drudge after losing his fiancée and his dukedom to his long-lost cousin, Cecile reluctantly takes him on. She has not forgotten how Guy previously insulted her with an offer to install her as his mistress while he went on to wed a more suitable woman. As the pair spend more time together, however, Cecile sees that he truly regrets his previous behavior and he confesses he’s never stopped loving her. But can guarded Cecile tear down her walls and open up about her mysterious past enough to return his feelings? The unusual backdrop of the circus continues to set this series apart, and the resilient female supporting cast add both charm and humor to the sensuous romance. Readers won’t want to put this down. (May)

And last, but certainly not least, a fabulous review for

PHOEBE from Publishers Weekly

Spencer (The Boxing Baroness) sets the tone for her Bellamy Sisters series with an engaging Regency love story in which the primary hurdles are the heroine’s pride and her family’s prejudice. Lady Phoebe Bellamy, who is sensible but haughty and sometimes considered plain, does her best to manage the household in the face of her father’s propensity for squandering their fortune. Despite her best efforts, however, the family will soon own nothing but their titles. Meanwhile, Paul Needham, a newly made viscount, is one of the richest men in England, but his surly, standoffish reputation precedes him. He dislikes society, but he requires both a respectable country home and a wife if he hopes to carve out a place in it for his illegitimate daughter. When Needham looks into renting Phoebe’s family estate, the Bellamy sisters find their parents ready to marry any one of them off to solve their financial woes. So Phoebe heroically spares her sisters and saves the family fortunes by proposing to the viscount herself—not expecting she may actually fall in love. There are hints of “Beauty and the Beast” to the sultry dynamic that arises between the leads as they navigate the complexities of Regency social status. Spencer creates characters worth rooting for. Readers will be eager to see Phoebe’s sisters find their own matches next. (Self-published)


Grab an ebook copy of HUGO AND THE MAIDEN for only .99!

Now’s your chance to check out my SEDUCERS series, a super steamy trilogy featuring Regency Era sex workers. Yes, you read that right: the heroes and heroines in these books all work at the same brothel. The themes in all three books are a bit darker than my usual fare and the sexy times are a lot hotter. 

Hugo is one of my favorite heroes and he’s definitely a man who has been scarred by life. He has no hope in finding happily ever after and hasn’t ever looked for love, but now–on a tiny island off the North Coast of Scotland–love has found him

Martha Pringle has never met a man like Hugo–because there aren’t any. The vicar’s daughter is alternately charmed, outraged, and aroused by his antics and the effect he has on her both emotionally and physically. 

If you’re ready to shake up your historical romance and crave something new and different, this is a great book to start with. 

Here is the official blurb and a buy link below. The book is only on world-wide sale for a limited time, so grab a copy while it’s cheap!

He thought he had it all—until she showed him exactly what he’d been missing…

Hugo Buckingham was perfectly happy with the life he’d built for himself. With his steady clientele and co-ownership stake in the most exclusive brothel in London, he had everything he needed.

But that was before.

Before he was falsely convicted of a crime and tossed onto a ship to New South Wales.

Before the ship went down and stranded him on the tiny island of Stroma.

Before her.

Miss Martha Pringle is everything he’s not—virginal, kind, and sweet. A good person. She deserves so much better than the likes of him. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting her, needing her, with an urgency that borders on terrifying. Now, Hugo has a choice to make. Should he go home, clear his name, and return to his old life—or stay with Martha and build a new one?

But more importantly…will Martha even want him once she discovers what kind of man he really is?

Hugo and the Maiden, book 3 in THE SEDUCERS series, is a sexy, angsty, historical romance featuring a hero who doesn’t believe in true love and the innocent heroine who proves him wrong .

Happily ever after guaranteed!

Download your copy today and get ready to fall head-over-heels in love with your next favorite book boyfriend.


Minerva Spencer books for sale in Target

Greetings Gentle Readers:

Not one, not two, but THREE books in Target!

Minerva Spencer books for sale in Target

Here are Infamous, Outrageous, and The Arrangement for sale in Target.

This week my mom is visiting and we decided to take a longggg road trip to Colorado Springs to check out one of the fantastic Asian food markets (there are at least 8 of them in The Springs!)

I highly recommend the Asian Market, which we spent almost two hours browsing and could have spent oodles more time exploring.

Anyhow, we also did some other shopping and because I LOVE Target (even before they carried my books, but now I love them even more) we popped into one of the Targets in CS. And there were my lovely books!!

Did I squee and smirk? Yes, I did …

I think the Target employee who was stocking books must have thought I was the most out-of-control shopper he’d ever met.

So, what have I cooked with the load of Asian groceries I hauled home? So far I’ve made yellow curry, massaman curry, Vietnamese egg rolls, and pad Thai. Today will be green curry day. Do I like curry? Yeah, just a wee bit.

Here is a pic of the pooches, who are growing by leaps and bounds:

Great Pyrenees Puppies!

Here are Spot and Rover. Do they look guilty? They should. They just chewed up their dog bed…

And here is a #booksandshoes picture! Yes, I have more shoes to show off.

The Rebels of the Ton Series by Minerva Spencer

Here are my lovely Rebels of the Ton and a favorite pair of Chuck Taylors


THE FOOTMAN makes an appearance in PW Indie Scouting Report!

Yay! How cool is this? Publishers Weekly included THE FOOTMAN in their monthly Indie Scouting Report, which is a round up of the best books of the month.

I’m so thrilled the reviewers compared THE FOOTMAN to the titles in Mary Balogh’s Bedwyn series, which is my favorite of hers.

Here is a LINK to the brief article. I’ve also included my section of the round up below.

S.M. Laviolette

Synopsis: In 1802, impetuous 16-year-old Lady Elinor Atwood throws herself at her family’s new footman, setting off a devastating chain of events.

PW’s Takeaway: Lovers of historical romance will be hooked on this twisty story.

Comparable Title: Mary Balogh’s Bedwyn Saga series

Sample Line: “Iain had just opened his mouth to say something foolish and most likely job-ending when the door Lady Elinor had exited so violently opened and Lady Yarmouth stood on the threshold.”