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A couple days ago it looked like this:


And now it looks like this:


Plants and animals are confused. Some humans are, too.

The apricot, peach, and cherry trees budded and flowered before the frost. At least we won’t have to can any of those fruits this year… Apples, pears, and plums seem fine and the rhubarb is thrilled. Here is a picture of it, menacing the daffodils:


It’s also “Birds Gone Wild” here at Cottonwood House. From goose love triangles . . .


Here are Squanto, the Space Queen, and Mr. Joshua eye-balling one another in between the violent skirmishes that make up most of their days from late February to early June. This year the triangle has become a rectangle, with the arrival of . . . Gwen. Stay tuned for details.



And then there are these guys….

Image result

This isn’t an actual picture of our flickers (I think I’ve demonstrated already what a lousy wildlife photographer I am), but these look just like the half-dozen males who have been screaming from sun up to sun down and beating on everything in sight, from the side of the barn, to the tin flashing to the plate-metal sculpture out in the chicken yard (seriously!)

We’ve never had as many as there are this year. I’ve only noticed males, so maybe they’ve come to town early to grab the best spots for their lady-friends.

Even with our weather fluctuation it’s still hard to believe a few weeks ago I was bitching about 96 degree weather and suffering sunburn and heat stroke. (Okay, so it’s not hard to believe I was bitching . . . )

Since returning home I’ve spent most of my time inside, regardless of weather, as I’ve raced to complete my final edits on the first book in my historical romance trilogy, The Outcasts, which Kensington Press recently purchased.

Repeat after me: Editing is fun!

To aid both me and my critique partner Marla (who is enjoying some editing fun of her own) I constructed the Editing Shrine. . .


A few historical romances, chickens, a talisman from the Magical Pop Haydn, and a phenomenal painting by Marla, which I call “Duck in Repose”

There had been some chocolate offerings, but I’m afraid I had to eat those. I’m pretty sure the yellow bell pepper and corn nuts will serve the same purpose…