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Happy Sunday!

The “re-covering” of my SEDUCERS series continues and I’m thrilled to unveil the new cover for HUGO AND THE MAIDEN.

I loved the pink of the first cover so much that I asked my cover designer to keep it for this one. Like the new cover for JOSS AND THE COUNTESS, this is substantially sexier.

Hugo is one of my favorite characters and this cover does an excellent job of depicting the powerful body I imagined for him. And of course he is dressed in his signature black. 

HUGO AND THE MAIDEN is available in print from all booksellers and in ebook exclusively on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s a link to Amazon:

If you have enjoyed my historical erotic romance series VICTORIAN DECADENCE, then you’ll be pleased to hear that I have two new books up for pre-order in the series: HER BEAST & THEIR MASTER.

HER BEAST is a character you won’t have met in the other books. Malcolm Barton popped up in Smith’s book (THEIR MASTER) and captivated me so utterly that I immediately started writing his book and finished it before Smith’s. 


The beast only wins the beauty’s heart in fairy tales. In real life, he destroys it…and her.

Malcom Barton is what the man who murdered his wife made him—a beast. Scarred and broken in mind, body, and spirit, he lives his life in the shadows.

Until he sees her.

Julia Harlow is the only light and warmth to shine into his cold, dead heart for years. Wild, spirited, and free, she’s…everything.

She’s also the daughter of the man who burned his life to the ground.

Kidnapping Julia and keeping her prisoner to his dark, deviant desires seems like the perfect way to destroy his enemy.

He never expected her to enjoy her captivity.

It’s not long before she makes him want things he thought he’d never have again. He wants her.

But if the cost of his much-deserved revenge is a happily ever after with Julia, is it a price he’s able to pay?

Her Beast is a full length historical romance with elements of BDSM, power exchange, and ménage. If you are easily triggered by violence or unconventional sexual situations you should not read this book.

Yes, Smith’s book is finally up for pre-order. As some of you might know, this book has been a real wild ride to write. It’s no surprise that Smith’s story is different. This is my first ménage story and it was so much fun to write a polyamorous love story!

You’ll get to learn what made Smith the way he is and, yes, you’ll learn his real name. I don’t think anyone will be expecting Smith’s story …


Mr. Smith has lived his entire adult life with one goal in mind: Revenge.

Thanks to the wealth and power he has amassed over the years, that goal is almost within reach.

The only other thing that he’s ever wanted is a child of his own. But with his lifelong plans finally coming to fruition, now would be a terrible time to start a family …

Besides, finding a woman who is willing to tolerate his voracious and adventurous appetites is extremely unlikely. Until Moira Dunsmore—a far too mysterious and intriguing courtesan—enters his life. Striking a bargain with Moira to bear his child is too appealing an opportunity to pass up.

Smith never imagined that Moira would be so open to his unconventional lifestyle—or so accepting of his live-in male lover. And he certainly never expected to feel anything for her.

But she is…
And he does …

Love is something Smith has had precious little experience with in his life. Can he trust in love—and Moira? What if the price of their happily ever after is his long-awaited revenge?

Their Master, book 5 in the VICTORIAN DECADENCE series, is a sensual and emotional historical romance novel featuring a mysterious, bisexual hero, a heroine who is far more than she claims to be, a gorgeous and oh-so-eager body servant, and a polyamorous HEA that none of them ever saw coming.

Get ready to fall in love with the most unconventional lovers that Victorian England has ever known.

THEIR MASTER contains plenty of hot f/m, f/m/m, m/m, ménage action with lots of spicy bedroom scenes. This book is for adult readers who are not easily triggered or offended.

So, that’s all the news I have today. I hope to be sharing the new cover of MELISSA AND THE VICAR with you soon. 

I’m also scheming away on another series, this one about five sisters forced to take drastic measures to save their family from losing everything–including the roof over their heads.

I’ve got a series title: THE BELLAMY SISTERS, and I’ve got titles for the books: PHOEBE, HYACINTH, SELINA, KATHRYN, & AURELIA … now I just need to get them out into the world. 

Until next time, happy reading!