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I forgot to include a couple of IMPORTANT items in my newsletter. Hey, it was late at night, I was late getting the newsletter together, it was just… late all around, LOL.

Anyhow, I’ve got 2 items to share.

1st, I had a WONDERFUL interview with John Charles from Booklist/The Poisoned Pen! Yes, it was fun and he is always somebody I really love re-connecting with.

    We discussed my recent releases BALTHAZAR and THE DUELING DUCHESS (pics below) and lots, lots MORE!

You can access that podcast for free if you click this LINK.


2nd, I’ve got a giveaway on Goodreads for PHOEBE!

Yes, you can get your hands on an autographed print copy by entering on Goodreads. As always, these giveaways are free to enter.

There are only a few days left to sign up for a copy, so here is the LINK for that, too. 

Here is the pretty cover and link, just in case you missed this one….

What else is new here? Well, I’m beavering away on SELINA, book 3 in THE BELLAMY SISTERS, and I’ve also spent a little time working on something completely new and unscheduled (BAD, author! Bad!) But it was such a fun idea I just couldn’t help it…

It has been raining like crazy here in the high desert which is just FABULOUS news for our drought-stricken neck of the woods. I love the rain but the dogs and chickens could live without it, lol.

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BALTHAZAR: THE SPARE is out in the world today!

I’ve got a book birthday today!

BALTHAZAR: THE SPARE, which is book 1 in THE HALE FAMILY SAGA: AMERICANS IN LONDON, is live and in the wild!

Here is the lovely cover, the blurb, and a link to grab a copy….

The Hale family is coming to London, and the ton has never seen anything like it…

Meet the Hales, a wild, wealthy, and witty family of loveable misfits who are about to take London by storm. If you loved Mary Balogh’s Bedwins, Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons, or Loretta Chase’s Carsingtons, you’ll adore the Hales!

Victoria Dryden gave Balthazar Hale the last thing he ever expected. A reason to stay…

Balthazar and his siblings are living the good life in the utopian community of Canoga, New York, where they have a degree of sexual and intellectual freedom few men—and even fewer women—have ever known.

But sadly, all good things must come to an end.

When their father dies, the Hale siblings discover two disheartening truths. First, they have an older brother none of them knew existed. Second, this stranger is not only the heir to an English dukedom, he’s also their new legal guardian.

Before the Hales know it, all five siblings are dragged to England to take their places in strait-laced, stuffy ton society, where their guardian expects them to make respectable marriages.

All Balthazar wants is a way out.

Until he meets her.

Victoria is a woman with dangerous secrets. She’s the exact opposite of marriage material.

Falling for her could ruin both their lives.

But none of that matters when she’s in Balthazar’s arms…and his bed.

Finding their way to happily ever after would be so easy in Canoga.

Too bad they aren’t in utopia anymore…

This sexy Victorian historical romance features enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, opposites attract, and enough steam to melt your Kindle!

THE SPARE is the first in a sensual, adventurous, and loveable 6-book series that features all the Hale siblings.


Yay! Yay! Not one, but THREE delightful reviews!

This has been a wonderful month for reviews! I don’t think I’ve ever received 3 trade reviews in one month before. I am SO thrilled and grateful for all of them. Have a look below…




Gaius Darlington, Marquess of Carlisle, is used to women wanting to kiss him, but Cecile
Tremblay is the first woman who says she wants to take a shot at him. Granted, taking aim with a gun at Gaius is part of Cecile’s act as a markswoman for Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre, but Gaius (who is working incognito in the circus as Guy Darling) still can’t figure out why Cecile is the one woman who seems immune to his legendary charm. Given her secret craving for reading London’s gossip columns, Cecile knows exactly who Gaius really is. What’s more, Cecile knows getting involved with someone who is fated to wed an heiress is asking for trouble. So why, after just one kiss, does Cecile wonder what a future with Gaius—in which she takes only verbal shots at him—might be like? With the second inventively populated and ingeniously plotted addition to her Wicked Women of Whitechapel series, following The Boxing Baroness (2022), Spencer scores a direct bull’s-eye with another carefully calibrated mix of steamy passion, delectably dry humor, and daringly original characters.
— John Charles

Another delightful review for


Publishers Weekly

Spencer’s alluring second Wicked Women of Whitechapel novel (after The Boxing Baroness) stars Cecile Tremblay, one of four owners of Regency England’s first all-women circus, Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre, who also performs as a crack shot in one of the circus’s most popular acts. When Cecile’s former lover Guy Darlington shows up at her circus pleading for a job as Cecile’s assistant/drudge after losing his fiancée and his dukedom to his long-lost cousin, Cecile reluctantly takes him on. She has not forgotten how Guy previously insulted her with an offer to install her as his mistress while he went on to wed a more suitable woman. As the pair spend more time together, however, Cecile sees that he truly regrets his previous behavior and he confesses he’s never stopped loving her. But can guarded Cecile tear down her walls and open up about her mysterious past enough to return his feelings? The unusual backdrop of the circus continues to set this series apart, and the resilient female supporting cast add both charm and humor to the sensuous romance. Readers won’t want to put this down. (May)

And last, but certainly not least, a fabulous review for

PHOEBE from Publishers Weekly

Spencer (The Boxing Baroness) sets the tone for her Bellamy Sisters series with an engaging Regency love story in which the primary hurdles are the heroine’s pride and her family’s prejudice. Lady Phoebe Bellamy, who is sensible but haughty and sometimes considered plain, does her best to manage the household in the face of her father’s propensity for squandering their fortune. Despite her best efforts, however, the family will soon own nothing but their titles. Meanwhile, Paul Needham, a newly made viscount, is one of the richest men in England, but his surly, standoffish reputation precedes him. He dislikes society, but he requires both a respectable country home and a wife if he hopes to carve out a place in it for his illegitimate daughter. When Needham looks into renting Phoebe’s family estate, the Bellamy sisters find their parents ready to marry any one of them off to solve their financial woes. So Phoebe heroically spares her sisters and saves the family fortunes by proposing to the viscount herself—not expecting she may actually fall in love. There are hints of “Beauty and the Beast” to the sultry dynamic that arises between the leads as they navigate the complexities of Regency social status. Spencer creates characters worth rooting for. Readers will be eager to see Phoebe’s sisters find their own matches next. (Self-published)

HYACINTH is 8 Days at #1 on Amazon! 🤩 🥳

So excited to see this very special (to me!) book doing so well. It has spent the last 8 days at #1 on the Amazon charts.

HYACINTH isn’t the only one of my books that has been doing well this week. I FINALLY counted up the books that have made the top 100 lists (these are the various historical romance lists on Amazon) and there are SEVEN!!

They are:

NOTORIOUS, OUTRAGEOUS, THE FOOTMAN, PHOEBE, THE BOXING BARONESS, AND SELINA (which is on pre-order and yet made it onto a list!)

The success of this book is really motivating me to work, work, work! So THANK YOU to all those readers out there who support my w with their precious time and hard earned money!!

I JUST finished edits on another of my books, THE CUTTHROAT COUNTESS, and have begun work on BALTHAZAR: THE SPARE, which is the first in a brand new series. I am super excited about this series as it leaps “The Pond” so to speak and brings a family of rowdy Americans to London. This is also a Victorian Era series, so that is a nice change of pace for me.

As a writer, there are few things more rewarding than seeing one of your books getting reader love. I don’t read GR or Amazon myself, but Mr. Spencer goes through reviews and picks out those reviews he thinks I will enjoy the most. I have to say that I have really loved the ones I’ve read about HYACINTH. I feel like a lot of people really “get” her (even though she’s not pretty or popular or “normal”), which makes me feel like I succeeded with what I set out to do, which was tell a story about a woman who doesn’t measure success the way society does and never really expected to find happiness in marriage. And yet she does! Yes, of course she does, this is a romance, after all!

Have you read HYACINTH? You can read it for free if you have KU and it’s only $4.99 in ebook, which is less than one cup of coffee from Starbucks and it will keep you amused for a LOT longer.

Here is the link, just in case you are interested. You can use the free “look inside” feature and read at least 3 chapters of the story if you want an advance peek…



Launch day for HYACINTH!

Meet the Bellamy sisters, five young women who will do anything to save their siblings and keep the wolf from the door.

Lady Hyacinth Bellamy’s plans were flawless. Until fate dealt her a hand she never saw coming…

Romance isn’t for the plain, shy, and awkward—a painful truth that Hyacinth knows better than anyone. But Hy refuses to let anything or anyone stop her from living life on her own terms. Independence—and the opportunity to secure her family’s future—is finally within her grasp. But then Hy crosses paths with a meddling duke and everything changes…

Sylvester Derrick, Duke of Chatham, is bored. Even gaming and debauchery have lost their appeal. And he’s fed up with women who can’t see that he’s more than a title, a collection of scars, and unusual…appetites. Then he spots a young card sharp who is anything but boring. Clearly, Hy is the person who can make Sylvester feel something again…

It’s not long before Hy and Sylvester realize they have more in common—in and out of the bedroom—than they ever thought possible. But is happily ever after in the cards for a man who has been broken by love and a woman who doubts its very existence?

Grab your copy or read it on KU!


Yeahaw! a





This book is close to my heart as it follows the imaginary life of a feisty French woman during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. I named the heroine after my paternal grandmother’s maiden name, Cecile Tremblay. My grandmother was a voracious romance reader who only read in French. I was so tickled when I was able to give her copies of my French translations.

She passed away late last year, so she won’t get to see a book featuring “her” heroine, but I think she would have enjoyed reading about her historical “doppleganger”.

The Dueling Duchessby Minerva Spencer

Kensington. (Wicked Women of Whitechapel, Bk. 2).
May 2023. 288p.

ISBN 9781496738110. pap. $16.95

Expert markswoman Cecile Tremblay, a French expat in Regency England, is the new owner of
Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre, an all-women circus. It’s a far cry from the life she imagined while
growing up in France, but after the French Revolution took nearly everything from her—and an unscrupulous relative in England finished the job—she’s not unhappy with the life she’s made for herself. Her only regret is the brief affair she had with Gaius Darlington, the darling of the ton, which ended disastrously. Then Guy’s life takes a turn when a long-lost relative strips him of his title, and he turns his attention to winning her back—the only woman he’s ever loved. Cecile’s not about to forgive and forget, though; she’s going to make Guy work to earn her love.

VERDICT Readers who enjoyed The Boxing Baroness won’t want to miss Spencer’s sequel. Indeed, anyone who appreciates strong,
unconventional heroines—and the Regency-era heroes who know (or at least manage to learn) better than to take them for granted.

Dancing with Love is out in the world today!

It is launch day for Book 5 in THE ACADEMY OF LOVE series, DANCING WITH LOVE!

Their mercenary marriage of convenience was perfect…until love got in the way…

Mary Barnett has never dreamed of marriage and family. Scarred and wary, she’s done everything she can to avoid men. Operating her family’s vast business is the only future she has ever wanted. Mary had no way of knowing that her father would place conditions on her inheritance. Namely, she will only retain control of her father’s empire if she marries. And not just to any man, but a peer of the realm…

The last time his family tried to force Miles Ingram to marry for money, he rebelled, abandoned society for good, and went off to war. His subsequent employment as a dancing instructor might have been enough to sustain him—but when his brother dies, saddling him with a destitute earldom, Miles can no longer hide from his obligations. He’ll need to marry a wealthy woman, and fast…

They’re complete opposites, but their goals are perfectly aligned. And it’s not long before they realize their hearts aren’t as far apart as they initially thought. Miles and Mary know their dance with love can only end in happily ever after, or heartbreak. But which one will it be?

This reverse beauty and the beast story will give you all the feels! HEA guaranteed.

D*ke in a Box on sale for only .99!

Yep, you read that right! 12 super steamy Christmas novellas for only .99!

Here are the links, the first one for Amazon only and the second will take you to a page of retailers and you can choose your ebook seller:

You only have about 2 more weeks to snag a copy of these Twelve novellas from your favorite historical romance authors featuring never-before-published steamy holiday stories.

Don’t miss this limited time collection—on sale only from November 1-December 31, 2022.

My contribution features a character from both my OUTCASTS and REBELS OF THE TON, series, Antionia Redvers…


by Minerva Spencer

Antonia Redvers has been completely and madly in love with the infamous privateer Captain Lucas “O Duque” Cruz, her father’s best friend, since she was a girl. This Christmas, Toni is done waiting—she’s finally going to get her duke…

Check out these brief descriptions for the 11 other fab novellas!

The Duke Who Came to Christmas Dinner

by Amy Rose Bennett

When a bah-humbug duke is invited to Christmas dinner by his widowed neighbor, the sweet-as-a-sugarplum daughter of his former estate steward, his initial reaction is to say no…until he recalls their long-ago first kiss beneath the mistletoe…

Mrs. Peabody and the Unexpected Duke

by Grace Callaway

When former lovers Hawker and Mrs. Peabody are paired on a spy mission over the holidays, they uncover the deepest secret of all: the truth of their own hearts.

Yule Be My Duke

by Darcy Burke

When enemies John and Cecilia are trapped alone in a cottage during a snowstorm, they know marriage will be imminent, but can they become lovers by morning?

The Frosty Duke

by Lila DiPasqua

When a socially awkward mathematician spinster seeks to enlist the aid of a handsome, skillful rake—things may not go to plan.

Desert Island Duke

by Kate Bateman

When Caro Montgomery is shipwrecked with her brother’s infuriatingly attractive best friend, Max Cavendish, their survival depends on working together. But will their island prove to be a tropical paradise. . . or pure hell?

Her Duke at Midnight

by Christy Carlyle

When a young widow and an infamous duke meet at a country house party during the holiday season, the attraction that sparks between them takes them both by surprise.

Her Duke With Benefits

by Jess Michaels

After confusion and a storm trap old friends Leo and Alice together for the holidays, long hidden desires and feelings come to the surface. But if the duke offers his heart before their time together is over, will she take that gift?

The Duke Deal

by Valerie Bowman

When a young duchess asks her estranged husband to pretend they’re happy during a Christmastide house party to fulfill her grandfather’s dying wish of seeing the entire family together at the holidays, the duke agrees…with one condition: he wants an heir.

My Duchess, My Wife

by Sasha Cottman

With a castle full of relatives at Christmas, a Scottish duke comes up with more than one naughty way to distract his wife.

Undressing the Duke

by Erica Ridley

When the Duke of Southbury informs his charming French valet of his impending dismissal, Vachon has only a fortnight to convince the duke to change his mind… and take a chance on love!

Right Place, Wrong Duke

by Elisa Braden

Widow Lucie Carmichael is not about to let the Duke of Dingwall evict her family from their ancestral home, even if that means engaging in a little abduction.



BOXING BARONESS one of LJ’s Best Books of 2022


LIBRARY JOURNAL’S list of best books of 2022!

The list features 147 books across 15 genres and my feisty baroness made it onto a list of only 10 romance novels.

Here is part of what they have to say about THE BOXING BARONESS:

“Spencer splendidly manages the slow-burn romance that unfolds between the two wonderfully matched protagonists, weaves together an increasingly treacherous imperial spy game that catches the couple in its grip, and crafts a team of fascinating, and decidedly skillful, secondary characters. The result is a captivating mix of thrilling romance and bravery.”

I’m including the link below. The books are listed in alphabetical order, so you’ll find me if you read all the way to the bottom.


Want to grab a copy? Below are links that will allow you to either select an ebook retailer or if you shop Amazon, you can click directly to their site.


2 Day .99 Sale on THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE!


Book 4 in THE ACADEMY OF LOVE series

is on sale for .99 today and tomorrow only!

She’s not who he thought she was.

But he’s not who he’s pretending to be, either…

Annis Bowman lost everything when she trusted the wrong man. Now, she needs money, and she needs it fast. Finding a wealthy husband is her only viable option. It’s just her wretched misfortune that the only man who truly interests her is poor as a church mouse.

Henry Singleton, the new Earl of Rotherhithe, is ready for desperate measures. He’s tired of not knowing if women are interested in him—or his wealth. Switching identities with one of his employees is the perfect solution. So, imagine his disappointment when the lovely Annis turns out to be a heartless fortune hunter…

When a series of unfortunate events—and a huge coincidence—trap them in a marriage neither expected, can Annis and Henry overcome the misunderstandings, lies, and suspicion that stand between them? Or is their chance for a happily ever after doomed from the start?

Get ready to meet your newest book boyfriend. This steamy and sexy marriage of convenience story will give you all the feels on your way to a happily ever after.