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March 14, 2016: Day 4, Safford, AZ to Globe, AZ

Map from Safford, Arizona to Globe, Arizona

Hey! Check out this nifty map.

Started out right as it got light this morning. After the heat yesterday I wanted to get out as early as possible. It turned out to be a good decision…

A small collection of town for about 10-15 miles outside Safford made for busy biking. I kept looking at all the fields that were in the process of being flooded with water and wondering, “What the hell are they growing out here?” Well, then I noticed all the little cotton ball type things on the side of the road. They were, um, cotton balls. Or at least raw cotton, which looks a lot like a cotton ball. If I had been thinking (which I was not as I had only a half cup of coffee) I would have put Pima together with cotton.

Anyhow, lots of cotton farming. Also these chickens:


Again, you will have to look hard to spot the chickens. It made me miss my own birds but I was glad to see such a happy bunch of free-range girls out and about.

Today was also the day when the Saguaros began to appear. Here is a big bastard with a US post office growing off to one side. This picture was courtesy of a guy staring at a flat tire on his trailer and scratching his head. He said taking a picture for me was better than changing a flat…


There was a lot of nice flat until Bylas, AZ, which is in the Apache Nation. There was also a gas station and convenience store in Bylas–a rarity indeed in these parts.

Brantly, my intrepid chase car driver, met me just in time to share a coke and have a chat with a cyclist coming from the opposite direction. We exchanged road details, checked out each other’s bikes, and discussed the relative merits of hauling all your own gear versus getting some kind-hearted soul to haul it (and you) for you. I have to say I didn’t envy Charlie (the other cyclist) his 45 lbs of gear. He said he left lots of neat stuff at camp grounds (a folding chair, clothing, bear spray (yes! bear spray) and other camping supplies) all along the way. So, if you’re looking for some free stuff (and bear spray!) check out camp grounds between San Diego and Globe. Happy trails, Charlie!


After Bylas it got as hot as hell– 91 degrees. I was 7 miles outside Globe when I finally called it quits and thumbed a ride in the wagon, ending my day at 70 miles.

And here is yet another shot of me wearing clashing pink and red clothing…


Tomorrow is a gentle day at just under 50 miles, which my thighs and scorched ear will be thrilled about.