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A Second Chance for Love

Minerva Spencer

Writing as S.M. Laviolette
Smart & Sexy Historical Romance

Yay! It's a 3rd STARRED review for THE BOXING BARONESS

Am I excited?

Hell yes, I’m thrilled to bits!

THE BOXING BARONESS has garnered a 3rd

????STARRED???? review,

this one from the American Library Association’s


As the Boxing Baroness, one of the stars of Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre, Marianne
Simpson has turned down her share of propositions from men. But St. John Powell, the duke of
Staunton, has presented Marianne with a proposal she can’t refuse. To rescue his younger

brother, Ben, St. John needs to arrange a meeting between Marianne and her treasonous ex-
lover Baron Dominic Strickland. If Marianne won’t cooperate, St. John will call in her Uncle

Barnabas’ debts, and Farnham’s Fantastical Female Fayre will cease to exist. With no other
choice, Marianne agrees to St. John’s plan, but she’s about to embroil him in a fight he will never
forget. With the launch of her swooningly romantic, sizzling sensual new Regency-set Wild
Women of Whitechapel series, Spencer delivers her own one-two knockout punch with a
superbly realized cast of characters that includes an intriguingly different yet historically credible
heroine and an exhilarating plot that not only delves into the fascinating world of female
pugilism—Marianne is based on a historical figure, Mary Anne Pearce—but also deftly
illuminates the dangerous state of affairs in France after Napoleon escaped from Elba.

— John Charles