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Happy book birthday to Duke in a Box!

Yay! Yay! Today is a book birthday!!

As I stare out my office window at the leafless trees I can’t help wondering WHERE THE HELL HAS THE YEAR GONE?? 

And it has been a busy one… Thus far I’ve written 5 books and 1 novella! Yes, isn’t that INSANE? The novella is the one that is launching today, in the humorously titled DUKE IN A BOX anthology, which includes 12 steamy, holiday themed stories including DUKES!

My novella is called AUDACIOUS and takes place after the events in my book INFAMOUS. This is Antonia’s story, Richard and Lucien’s younger sister who had a wedding fiasco in INFAMOU. Anyhow, this is a ‘dad’s best friend’ romance with an age gap, lots of pining, and–of cours–an HEA and lots of steam packed in for your holiday pleasure. 

You can grab a copy at any place Ebooks are sold. Below are 2 links, one for Amazon and one that will take you to a menu to choose your retailer:

Happy reading!