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Hello Gentle Readers!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the order of my books in THE OUTCASTS and THE REBELS OF THE TON. 

Although the books are two separate series, there is quite a bit of cross-over. In fact, you can think of THE REBELS OF THE TON as THE OUTCASTS 2.0 since it features the children of of the heroes and heroines from the first series.

Below I’m going to list the books in order and also include the heroes and heroines and their connections to the other stories. 


DANGEROUS: Adam and Mia are the H/h in this book. They are both in their thirties and have children from other marriages when they meet. Mia’s son is Jibril (who changes his name to Gabriel when he moves to England). Adam has three daughters: Catherine, Eva, and Melissa. 

BARBAROUS: Hugh and Daphne are the H/h in this book. Hugh has no children, but Daphne has twin sons, Lucien and Richard. 

SCANDALOUS: Martine and Sarah are the H/h in this book. To say more about their situation would be a spoiler!


NOTORIOUS: Jibril/Gabriel and Drusilla are the H/h in this book. Gabe is Mia’s son from her marriage to the sultan, who is mentioned in DANGEROUS. 

OUTRAGEOUS: Eva and Godric are the H/h. Eva is Adam’s middle daughter. 

INFAMOUS: this book features a double romance with Richard and Celia and Lucien and Phyllida. Rich and Luce are Daphne’s twins from BARBAROUS–all grown up! 

AUDACIOUS: this is a novella length story featuring Antonia, Rich and Luce’s little sister. The novella will be  published November 1st, 2022 in THE DUKE IN A BOX anthology.

I recommend you read the books in order for maximum pleasure, but each story stands alone–although you might hear some names and wonder who they are, that is no big deal to the stories (plus a little unfulfilled curiosity is healthy for the imagination!)

I hope this answers some questions. If I’ve left anything out, please feel free to drop me an email. I love hearing from readers.



3 Responses

  1. Love all your books, will you be having another book in the series rebel of the tons- for Richard and Lucien’s sister Amelia. Please do felt like she needs a book of her own.

    1. Antonia gets a novella! The story, titled AUDACIOUS will be released this November 1st, 2022 in the DUKE IN A BOX anthology.